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New to making servers

Okay, so i am really new to making servers and doing coding. Right now my clusters are fiber but new years i am wanting to turn it into and easy craft (like make it easier to craft everything) I just dont have any coding and dont know how to work the coding. I also am trying to find the best mating and incubation stuff for the dinos. Like i want them all to be able to breed quick, egg incubate quick, and mature quick; i have seen it on a few other servers where the incubation fast the breeding everything. I am also wanting to know how can i lower all wild dinos torpidity, and make it to where they have a set max level like my clusters dinos just keep leveling up i have seen one get to like 1200. My biggest thing right now is some reason velos can have like 22 mill health and idk how to fix it i feel so dumb asking cuz i really shouldnt have opened two servers without knowing anything first. Any help anybody could give me would be great. Im in dire need of help.

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