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Hi everyone, ?

I would like to share my idea about this game, about new updates and also some really old update.

Everyone will agree saying that the game balance is actually broken, talking general, too much things are changed since some new maps, new dinos, and new mechanics.
Actually there's some dinos that aren't used that much anymore, some are like ghosts in the game, and other that ask too much for what they do, and also other do too much for what they ask.
Developers try really much time to balance also PvP in the game and some mechanic with turrets, Plant X without really finding a "better way".

    let's be honest. Since new updates and some new dinos, it's too much stressful to tame one.
    They ask for a taming that is really hard, ask for really much material, and also, they can't eat, so you'll have them for a small period.
    All this is too much compared with all the other Titan from Extincion, or, compared to a simple MEK, actually a MEK give less problem, and is more pratical, and ask for less material than a titan.
    Maybe you can't use MEKs as turrets drainer, but Actually people were taming Titan mostly for demolishing, i mean, tank turrets was never a problem, wipe, is more difficult.
  •  MEKS
    Mek are too strong for what they ask, and actually they're used too much for wiping people. Actually also if you find a base 10x10 with 100 Heavy Turrets, you can evict to drain turrets if you've something like 5-10 Meks, you will damage enough fast to brake the wall and go inside the base before that turrets kill the meks.
    Another Big problem is that Meks can fit in little space where a TITAN for example can't fit. If you give elements also to your MEK in your server and you full all his "food", you can spawn on other server and start to cause problem to anyone before they need a recharge.
    Have a MEK is also too easy, is not needed a special MEK to wipe or raid someone, and 40 Element (the common one) is really nothing, a medium size clan on aberration or extincion can make something like 6-7 primitive Mek without problem every day. and also 15 Primitive Mek start to be a problem for everyone... they do too much for what they do compared to titan.
    Everyone agreed saying that this Dinos need to be a bit nerfed, but Develpers do that too much.
    Is also true that the mechanic of the old managarmr was too much good, just try to remember when was the last time that you was using a different animals?
    Probably you never did, cause they've too much melee damage, much weight, much Health and really much Stamina.
    But this went too far, 3 Jumps, 1 Dash, is too much.. also the damage of the Dash got nerfed.. is unrealistic, an animal of that dimension landing on your back should really cause much damage. Personally i don't know hot to balance that, but like this, is too bad, they go to a side, from another, they need to find a point from all two sides.
    This is a really old argument, since some years ago, Devs try to nerf the character's movement speed cause people was really too fast for plant x and also for turrets, (for new people, imagine that the old characters was able to be REALLY much faster than a actual character in movement speed with Swamp fever and Focal Chili.) People just equip a good armor and run on enemy turrets and throw a rocket, just one. You do that 2-3 times, and you've clear a good part of a tower.
    Actually this is still possible. and i'm not saying "NERF MOVEMENT SPEED" cause it's really useful, but maybe there's to add an effect of the turrets like a special "bleeding effect" that don't allow you to run.
    Plant X is not working, they never did, a character that have normally like 190% movement speed, if get also chili also without Swamp Fever is actually too fast for the Plant X.
    Actually in 13'000 hours in this game (yes maybe some are AFK, but i play since day one) i have to say that raid is really too easy compared to build.
    there's too much mechanics that is actually broken and help people to raid but there's not really much trick to help you to build and to do stuff like bullets or stuff like this faster.
    In all this years you can't even imagine how much time we went against some other mega tribe bigger than us saying "we will never do that" and yes.. we just wiped them every time..

    Imagine, Tank turrets is way too easier than make turrets and bullets. Cakes are too much easier to do, and also animals, if imprinted and with not even a best saedlle can really put down much turrets.

    What i would like to do is:

    Actually is a bit problematic to understand what to improve on an animal like this, but compared to MEK that actually do the same,  it require too much resources and time to tame one.
    I mean, iseasier create 20 Meks that do a Titan.
    Also Titan can't access all the maps, and can't access all the places. is too big.
  •  MEK
    This is one of the point where I've more ideas
    To start, just cause you can travel with them and give them "food" before to travel on other server i would like to:
    1 -  Every time they spawn, they need to eat, literally every time. Otherwise you can't put it "ON".
     this will stop really much griefer to spam something like 20-30 meks.
    2 - It Should be not able to travel in maps also where TITANOSAUR is not allowed, for example, in Aberration meks are problematic comparing to the other animals that are allowed, they don't have really much other dino that can give him problems.
    3 - They need to be a little bit more bigger, actually they can fit on some caves/places where other Dinos can't go to defend.
    4 - nerf their ability to fly
    5 -  nerf their damage on Metal, i mean, is ok, Devs decided that they can destroy Metal, but actually a good MEK destroy Metal too much easier. Actually is easier craft more MEK than craft C4 to wipe someone. Too much easy.
    Nerf them was a good idea, but like this is unrealistic, the dash damage need to be a bit restored, like this is too much unrealistic, also.
    Also 3 Jumps and 1 Dash is not enough, they should put a Stamina Limit or put like 12 Jumps and 3 Dash.
    I agree that need to be nerfed a bit, cause actually there was Managamr with 10'000 stamina that can cross all the map, but now is too much.
    To prevent also the problem of "Enemy jumping in my base" would be easier to put some effect from the turrets.
    Like a "Bleeding Effect" that don't allow you to jump, run or do stuff like that, with that you'll solve the problem of too much easy to raid, and also people running on turrets.
    There's multiple things that allow people to raid too much easier compared to build, to build a main base, (talking about mega tribes) you'll need 1-2 months, and to put down, one night.
    Is too much easy to raid. Turrets don't work like they should do. also there's multiple glitch to place C4 or throw Rockets.
    Like build 1x1 on a paracer, go near enemy wall, dismount from paracer, you will see enemy wall inside your 1x1, place C4 and DONE.
    Wanna talk about the raft?

    These are bugs that everyone know, and allow people to raid too much easy.
    Actually the game is like, don't farm, raid. it's easier. (so isn't a survival).

    Also tank turrets. This snow owls heals too much fast and easy, i repeat, raid is too easy.


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Raiders have always had the upper hand when it comes to raiding, the only way a defending tribe can stand a change is if they are online... which is why online raids are done seldom.

Then again, if raiding was too difficult, people wouldn't play PvP, since the first people to get endgame stuff pretty much stand at the top and nobody can knock them down and claim the spot.

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Contrary to popular belief it is not raiding that is too OP but defending. Most bases on official servers are effectively unraidable. They are built in cave or tree spots that practically impossible to raid online. Offline raiding is possible but it is not a practical method most of time. Most tribes have members from different time zones and always have one person online. They are also part of an alliance and can call for reinforcement if they are losing too much. There are lot of bases on official that have survived every raid on them for almost 2 years now and are considered unraidable short of cheating methods or insiding. All it takes to become unraidable in officials is to recruit about 20 people from NA, EU and Asia/Oceania timezones and build in one of the OP cave or tree spots. Anyone can do that with minimal effort and having unraidable bases be so easy is not a healthy thing for a PVP cluster. Official PVP servers have basically become PVE servers, because all people do is sit in their unraidable caves and endlessly breed and talk trash on discord, no one has any ability to wipe each others bases without resorting to hacking. 

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