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Arkatraz III - PvE, slightly boosted, active community

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Arkatraz III - PvE, slightly boosted, active community

Thank you for coming to read more about "Arkatraz III"! Our goal is to create a server and community for people to explore the game, not have to worry about being raided, and maybe make a few friends!  We started on Ragnarok in November of 2019, added Extinction, and will be adding Genesis upon release. We will continue to grow the cluster as the population increases so please come be part of that! Come say hello in Discord, https://discord.gg/DZxwZF5Features!

Ragnarok & Extinction. Genesis upon release
XP: 2x
Tame: 4x (150 rex in less than 30min with kibble)
Maturation: 30x (high level wyverns don't need milk)
Imprint every 26min
Harvest: 3x
Stacks: 5x (even raw prime and mutton stack, plus others!)
Always able to pickup structures, move your base after a month w/o having to rebuild everything!
Longer Days / Shorter Nights
Food / Water Drain reduced to just under half
Friendly Fire: ON
Events and contests every 2 weeks, with smaller loot hunts and games scattered between.
Community center with full workshop, paint, and blueprint library.
Free glowpets to help light the way!

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Hi, I’m a 51 year old Canadian Ark Addict. been playing on legacy PVP server for the past 6 months. Since we are getting shut down in a few days an also tired of getting raided and loosing my level 99 character... I’m looking to join a private server. Love to build, tame and bread. Yours is perfect, just a little boost not to excessive. Are you still looking for more players and how can I join. 


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