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NA-PVE-Official-Extinction459 gosh!!!

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NA-PVE-Official-Extinction459 WTF!!!

Could someone please explain why this Official server is listed as "not official" ???  For 2 days now, nobody has been able to logon for more than a few minutes without getting kicked by BattleEye.  I am guessing all the babies and imprinted will be screwed up.  Of course, zero response from the devs or anyone else.  Ark always gets messed up during events :(


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6 hours ago, LordEnki2019 said:

You can logon for about 5min, and then you get kicked by BattleEye for "Client not communicating".  Battlemetrics is reporting that the server is not Official... but of course it is.

Same happening for Extinction 444.
Log in via battlemetrics link, but kicked not long later. Battlemetrics displays server as unofficial, not showing up in my survivors list like it should.

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