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Xbox Keyboard & Mouse?

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13 hours ago, genie45 said:

you load into a map and hit the button with 3 lines ?

and you have a usb keyboard and mouse pluged in and your xbox is detecting them too?

I have a keyboard plugged in at all times, I use it for typing in chat. But yes the start menu while in game does not show anything about keyboard and mouse support.

What shows in the start menu is Resume, Options, Exit to Main Menu, Game Guide, Invite Friends

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Just now, genie45 said:

you need to have a mouse plugged in to

For the option to even appear?

On 12/27/2019 at 2:48 PM, Thepotatoe15 said:

You need the xbox insider app and there should be an experimental update that you download and that allows wired mouse and key on your console.

I dont have this installed so I will try this when I get home today but geez if this is necessary why wouldnt the devs mention this.

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