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Offline protection fine tunning


Offline protection fine tunning

It would be great if there were additional options for offline protection:

- Timeout: after N days offline protection is disabled for a tribe (ideally few days before structures expire) so that people have a chance to raid and loot old base before they disappear from decay timer

- .ini override for decay timers: Right now it's impossible to change how long it takes for various structures to expire

- .ini override for "can be offline protected": Some very simple structures that are often spammed all around shores shouldn't be possible to be offline protected (wooden spikes, campfires etc.)

- .ini override for "structure size" that can be offline protected: many tribes spam pillars and other stuff, there should be option that disable offline protection for all structures that connect in less than 10 structures (very small houses, pillar spam etc.), the minimal size of building so that offline protection works for it should be in .ini settings

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