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Charcater Displacement (XboxOne)

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Charcater Displacement (XboxOne)

I need YOUR help !

I have been encountering a Bug on the Xbox One Official and Unofficial servers for around a year now and its irritating because I have reload ark. i have tried searching this up however I cannot find any reports or solutions. I'm starting to believe this bug only seems to happen to me which i find odd however it happens very frequently. I don't know how to describe it in words other than my character being in the location it shouldn't be. E.g On my screen I could be by an industrial forge trying to acsess it however I cant because on everyone elses screen it shows me in a different location. When this bug happens I have to try and get my characters position to link together again by getting it stuck and trying to get the locations in sync.

I wasn't sure how to solve the problem so I've tried uninstalled and reinstalled Ark. I thought I could have corrupted Data however I am unsure.

if you've got ideas of have solved this problem please could you post your solutions!

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