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Rockwell Element Pool Question

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We are about to do Rockwell for the first time. I see on videos that he is surrounded by an element pool other then a little bridge.

Here are my questions:

1) Can or you dinos you fall into the element pool or is there a boundary?

2) If you can fall in, how deep is it and can a reaper jump back out?

3) If you can not fall in does that mean that you can't fly over it with a drake or Tek suit?

4) If you fall in, can you just sit on the bridge and shoot all the tentacles from the back and then just fly up above rockwell with a tek suit to get the ones that are opposite of the bridge?

I realize that most of the answers to these questions should be able to be found online but I could not find it after lots of research as every pretty much everyone stays on the outside. 

Anyone with personal experience willing to share would be helpful and appreciated. 

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I’m not sure what the others are saying here,  yes there’s a barrier,  no you can’t fall in... but...


people zipline up way above rockwell then glide around over the pool.  The barrier will keep the glider from falling into the pool so as long as you glide over the barrier you can glide indefinitely.

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