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Mobile Pve Bed exploitation

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Mobile Pve Bed exploitation

Hello Ark Community, so in regards to this PVE bed exploitation trick that people use on mobile servers, I would like to bring attention to this exploit as it is commonly used to suppress ANYONE building anything at all. As we speak, on western approach pve easy server for mobile, the metal volcano around 42 37 location where there's metal deposits inside top everyones halted besides the owner of the multiple beds. This server bully has placed around the entire rim now multiple metal foundations and beds on so no one can even make a tiny mining depot or anything. He has a canatlever plat of his own with bed on it and his base....so it's clear the rim and center covered with 1 foundation, 1 bed all over, are him being rude, and cutting everyone who plays, and pays to play, off. ...Now I've filled ticket after ticket, nothing comes back relevant or solved...is it so hard to send one admin around it to check it out, see the evidence, and give the culprit some kind of proper disciplinary action??..if only I was an admin it would be cleaned up already, it's been months. I'll be adding pics, and a video to show this isnt just made up either.. Any opinions or advice or anything helps... help...please..

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