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Console Graphics Needs to be Improved



Console Graphics Needs to be Improved

I was just playing on the snow covered version of The Island the other day and I was astounded by how bad the graphics still are on consoles (on xbox one s). TLC is all and good, but when the trees all blur together and maps like extinction still sometimes have next to no textures, I feel like that should be put in priority above the TLC of certain dinos. With Genesis coming out too, it would be nice to actually be able to see the new DLC to its max potential like all pc gamers enjoy. I understand that Ark is a big game but the game still looks like it was in 2015. I still get no textures on extinction and would just appreciate if the consoles would get a fix in graphics so we can actually see sharp edges in the tree lines instead of blurry green blobs.  Consoles need to have the graphics updated asap.

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