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we are really hard at creating dinos, everyone who plays knows how long every imprint is, and the producer poops in our head and don't give a poop about us, I have video on my Xbox live of just one gigantosaurus disappearing in limbo, and  Today to help I have one more video that when you release the dinos they just disappeared and it appears that he was removed from the game a lack of shame in the face of the producer lost a gig and 3 rex today because of this!  there simply they come and stick dlc pay no content in us!  Arrange the game instead of sticking dlc and pushing things with belly to us players, who wants to enter my profile is THUUGSAME come in and see the last video to see the slutty they do with us, I have ctz nor answer will  and the time it took me to create the dinos was thrown in the trash because of these bug bugs.

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