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Best single player base locations?

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Starting out, I'd say Herbivore Island is a nice base location. But while some maps like Ragnarok have resources spread fairly widely, the Island map has resources more isolated to specific areas I find, so there's a lot to be said for having a base more centrally located, within flying distance of everywhere. The same goes for distribution of Dino's you may need for utility purposes.

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in single player you can go anywhere that suits you. Build a starter base and play some, then scout the map and see what suits you in terms of your goals/playstyle/resource locations. I'm on the west beach this time as i'm working with water tames a lot. Previously been located at the hidden lake which is a great location for breeding an army. Always have something set up on carno island as well for taming, as well as basic places outside of all the caves.

As a previous poster mentioned though, google is your friend. so many related topics, I've  referred to them a lot in the past for ideas. YouTube vids as well.

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I usually start on South Zone 1. Over the water and on the cliff to the left. It blocks 2 drops but I’m not too bothered. There’s another 4 at least in eyeshot. There a explorer note up their so I get a little boost. The grounds flat and I don’t have to build Dino gates everywhere as nothing of great danger ever comes near. Lag really pee’s me off. 

I used to build on herbivore island but brontos are a PITA. So I just build my metal outpost their and my ankies are nice and safe. Flying the metal back can get quite tedious too. I just use a raft every now and then and pray nothing attacks me on the way back. But a few shotgun shells soon sorts out any menacing Sarcos. I also make my sparkpowder on HI as it’s easier, as stone isn’t in abundance where I am. I build in stone so I can’t afford to waste any by turning it into flint and in SP things don’t spawn back as good. I’ve lost a few obsidian nodes from the volcano. They just won’t spawn back so those are probably lost for good. 


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On 12/23/2019 at 3:45 PM, DigitalSnow21 said:

Best single player base locations?

Hey so I’m a Xbox and mobile ark player and I was wondering about the best single player base locations (in the island map that is) what’s your opinions?

I absolutely love the north west biome, my old base location was about 22,22

First off, red drops.....3 red drops literally outside your front door.
Secoundly resources. Metal, obsideon, crystal, organic polymer.....its all right there.
Third, high value tames. Argy, Anky, Mammoth, Yuty, and the Megatherium all spawn right there.....If your so lucky, or bold, there is also a chance of a giga spawning at 28,28. However I only seen it happen on official legacy server.

However with that said, there are a few downsides
1 Its a much harder environment, everything will try to kill you including the air.
2 you will need to spend points on fortitude, even WITH fur clothing.
3 berries are harvested at a ridiculously low rate, even when utilizing a bronto. The answer to this is to either fly south to the non snow biome, or to grow a BIG garden.
Last but not least is the distance from any other part of the island. Unless you get a argy with great stamina, you will be bunny hoping the whole map. 


P.s. I just got done loading drbrown's list and yep, right there at number 10 is the location area I just described.

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