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pve [PC] Trials of Toroon Light RP Community

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[PC] Trials of Toroon Light RP Community


Trials of Toroon


Established community with a fun casual atmosphere! 


Welcome Everyone! We are a light RP server that is based in a fantasy world of Toroon. We have our own questing system through player run guilds and an economy! It’s our goal to have a balanced system that doesn’t feel too restrictive, but also promotes RP/Trade as well as keep the game interesting. The admins and moderators are experienced in both Ark and with server management. We’ve got thousands of hours in the game and have been playing and running our own servers since 2015. We started two years ago running RP servers as we found them to be extremely entertaining, active and a great community of players. 


Speaking of community, ours is FANTASTIC. We have a great group of like-minded individuals who enjoy playing together, coming up with new ideas for events and RP, and just an all around nice people. (We love you guys!!!) We are based Eastern Time US, but we have members from all over the world. We always welcome those new and experienced to RP and Ark itself. Our members are friendly and willing to help you get started. If you’re thinking of taking that leap into RP there isn’t a better group of people to start with. We’re light RP with a lot of PVE elements. 


We invite you all to come play with us and see the fun for yourself!


We have a website for easy access to information and discord that allows OOC and IC channels to help aid you in your adventures and to get to know everyone. You don’t have to voice chat, but joining discord is a requirement as we use the chats as a communication tool, so if this is not for you ToT might not be the best fit. 


Website: http://toroonrp.com/

Discord: https://discord.gg/Qg6gSHy




Server Information 


Hope Map 

No Flyers 

5X Gather

5X Tame


Third Person


Economy system

Decreased breeding timer

increased egg hatch

Increased corpse life

proximity chat on

extended day/night

Increased structures on platforms

Sundays 7X Gathering and Taming!




Mod Collection






For more information on our server and to apply to join please visit our website or discord! Come start your adventure! 

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