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Most Updated Rules and Server Info will be on our Discord Server: https://discord.gg/vzuvDqy

[Server Info]

10x Exp - 5x Harvest - 15x Taming - 10x Item Stack

Maps: Valguero, Ragnarok, The Center, Extinction, Island, Aberration
10 Slot Genesis Server - Weekly Wipes

Starter Kits

Custom Air Drops

Custom Boss Drops

Custom Beaver Dams

Custom Semi-Easy Craft

Titanosaur Disabled

Titans on Extinction are not tameable

8 man tribe - No Alliance

Max Player lvl 300

Max Wild Dino lvl 330

All Tek Engrams auto unlock at lvl 155

Bloodstalkers and Reapers spawn on Valguero

Snow Owls spawn on Ragnarok

Manas spawn on Center

Megachelon spawn on the Island




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New Easy Craft. Removed any DLC required resource to build certain structures/equip. Removed any redundant resource from popular built items. Easier gunpowder to help balance the possible 500k-800k hp soakers.
Please join and allow us some of your time and give us any criticism to help improve the server for us all ark players!



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Fun Fun Stuff. New Updates. 

Added Manas/Velos/Griffins to spawn rarely.
Made a bunch of changes to the easy craft, soon more changes to come.
All TEK Engrams Auto Unlock at lvl 100
DLC Engrams Auto Unlocks at lvl 25 and 50
Changed Some Engram lvl Requirements to Be More Early Game Oriented (Heavy Turret, Metal Shield, Long Neck Rifle, Simple Rifle Ammo,  Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo, Paracer Platform Saddle, Cryopod, Metal Cliff Platform, Metal Tree Platform, Bunk Bed, Motorboat, Vault)


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