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pve [PC] Rainbow Rex

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[PC] Rainbow Rex

Rainbow Rex was created by two friends looking to expand our horizons, to meet new friends and to expand our duo while playing a game we all enjoy. As one of the founders of this cluster, I can positively state that we're achieving this daily. We made a promise to ourselves and more importantly to our community to look out for each other. We strive for a judgement free zone and only encourage positivity as well as a good time; to achieve this we help create an atmosphere of safety for everyone including our LGBTQ+ members.

If you are the type that enjoys a toxic free zone with a positive gaming experience then you want us! At Rainbow Rex, we encourage friendship, teamwork and family. When joining our cluster, you are signing up for more than just another group, you're signing up for a place where you have a voice. We value everyone's opinion. We hold monthly meetings to ensure that everyone gets a say because without you there is no us!!

At Rainbow Rex we strive to work WITH our members, not against them, to give you the BEST time possible here on our cluster! Follow the Rainbow! Join Today!

Code of Conduct:

1. Always be kind and helpful to others.
2. No talking religion or politics in game or voice chats. If you want to have a discussion with someone, use the direct message (DM) option.
3. No pillar or foundation spamming! (We will remove them, and after second offence you will be removed.)
4. Respect others space and bases. Anyone clearly trolling or griefing will be removed. This includes any form of stealing (eggs, items or animals etc.)
5. Respect the common sense render rule. If we can clearly render any part of your base, one of you needs to move. The person that just moved in, will the one moving out.

Our Standard Rates:
Max Dino Wild Level: 150 - 98 Levels after tame
Max Dino Wild Level: 300 - 73 Levels after tame (Primal Fear Only)
Tribes: 15 players, 500 dinos
Baby Mature: x30
Harvest: x4
Egg Hatch: x16
Hair Growth: x10
Kill Exp: x3
Mate Inver: x0.5
Passive Tame interval: x0.3
Tame Speed: x15

First time, non primal fear, players will get 3 starter dinos when your first spawn! You will get a 75 Anky w/ saddle, 75 Doed w/ saddle and a 75 Raptor without saddle. All are neutered. You will get the same three dinos your first time on each map except primal fear.

Join our discord!

All our Mods in a neat collection! Subscribe to them before joining so no time is wasted!!

Check out our Patron for special rewards!

Server Group

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You gotta be Rexing me! I have searched high and low for a good, active community. I am very picky about the mods I look for and the environment. I started playing on Rainbow Rex during the 2019 Christmas break and I have found my 2nd home. Interesting events and lotteries, friendly admin, helpful players. It's all here - come Rex it out with us!

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It's a Pteranodon; it's an Argent; it's Space Whales??  Nah just a little Rainbow Rex, the cutest thing you've ever seen.  Come join a group of awesome people playing a game we all love.  This is one of the most active clusters out there, from the Admin to the players.  Want to join a tribe? You can do that.  Want to go solo? You can do that too!  Need help? Someone is always willing to lend a hand or two.  Lots of fun events, still plenty of room to build.  Remember the first time you played Ark and something sent your heart racing? You can experience that again on the Primal Fear Cluster - or if you do not want to risk heart attack, just play on the normal cluster!  Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong.  We are gearing up for Genesis and would love to Welcome YOU along with it.

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