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pve [PC] PVE Rainbow Rex Cluster

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Are you looking for a new place to meet new people? A change up from the norm? I’m sure that we got you! We’re a small cluster with a big personality!!

Rainbow Rex is the combined result of having played in other places and not enjoying the experience we had. We wanted to build a community that is safe for you to enjoy playing a game with others as well as not having to fear being who you want to be. You do you!

That being said, we consider ourselves a safe place for everyone, including any LGBTQ+ members we have.

We hold community votes for cluster wide changes because unlike other places, we WANT to hear your opinion.

We have friendly admins that host events such as:

  • Monthly Best in Show Event

  • Monthly Scavenger Hunt

  • Monthly Laser Tag

  • Monthly Battle Bots

  • How To Train Your Dragon Relay Race

A few popular mentions from our mod list: Awesome Spyglass, Awesome Teleporters, almost all modules from Automated Ark, Kraken's Better Dinos and Super Structures. On our Ragnarok map we have Simple Spawners, Prometheus and Genomes.

Check out the rest of our mods! Note that some of these are for our Event map only.

Please check out our Discord for more details!

If you’d like to check out our Patreon Rewards in advance, click here.

Come Join Rainbow Rex Cluster, We love new friends!






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You gotta be Rexing me! I have searched high and low for a good, active community. I am very picky about the mods I look for and the environment. I started playing on Rainbow Rex during the 2019 Christmas break and I have found my 2nd home. Interesting events and lotteries, friendly admin, helpful players. It's all here - come Rex it out with us!

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It's a Pteranodon; it's an Argent; it's Space Whales??  Nah just a little Rainbow Rex, the cutest thing you've ever seen.  Come join a group of awesome people playing a game we all love.  This is one of the most active clusters out there, from the Admin to the players.  Want to join a tribe? You can do that.  Want to go solo? You can do that too!  Need help? Someone is always willing to lend a hand or two.  Lots of fun events, still plenty of room to build.  Remember the first time you played Ark and something sent your heart racing? You can experience that again on the Primal Fear Cluster - or if you do not want to risk heart attack, just play on the normal cluster!  Whichever you choose, you can't go wrong.  We are gearing up for Genesis and would love to Welcome YOU along with it.

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Easily the best server around. The community is amazing and all that. I'm bad at words, but I promise it's lovely here. I couldn't possibly recommend it highly enough. And if you're the kind of person that dies a lot(like me), we have Rainbow Band-Aids... And Jerboas :3 ......I like Jerboas.

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