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steam Move ARK development to a beta branch and maintain stable clients/servers



Move ARK development to a beta branch and maintain stable clients/servers


ARK players have been beta testing this game for far too long. It's time we had a stable release for both client and server that is maintained on all supported platforms.

I am requesting that ARK development be moved to a beta branch and that stable releases are made standard for all platforms and kept in sync. Users who wish to test new features and experience content early, can choose to run the beta client and server if they wish. Users who simply want to reliably enjoy their game and play with friends, can have a working client with less turmoil from frequent game breaking updates and patches.

Some of the benefits of this are:

  1. Consistently working clients and servers on all platforms.
  2. Less disruption from bugs currently caused by rapid updates and patches.
  3. Proper testing and quality assurance of updates and patches before they are released to all users.
  4. Stable mods for unofficial servers and mod authors being able to see upcoming changes before they happen.
  5. Reduction of both user complaints and user damage caused by untested/unstable updates and patches.

There are probably more benefits i didn't think about, but i think this gets the general idea across. I know i personally would like ARK to finally reach a reliably usable state, and i'm sure many others in the player base feel the same way.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I hope this is implemented soon.

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I can not agree with this more strongly. Get rid of multiple daily updates. Get out a stable Linux/Mac client.

The way things are done now is absolutely terrible. The mana bug yesterday, where manas could 1 shot kill anything, is a perfect example of how broken the current release system is.

Take your time and test stuff properly. I get it, release early and often to keep players happy with latest features and whatnot, but ARK is taking this WAY TOO FAR. Please stop breaking the game with rushed patches.

And release a Linux/Mac patch for crying out loud.

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