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Graphics performance dropped on same hardware

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Graphics performance dropped on same hardware

I haven't played in many months and I logged on today to have horrible framerates. I'm averaging 40 fps but the thing that really makes it noticeable is that flyers in the distance have very choppy movements. This never used to happen so it seems that something has changed with Nvidia/Wildcard because my hardware is the same as it has been. I've rechecked all my settings, I've verified game files, updated drivers, killed background tasks and reinstalled the game and nothing has helped.

I'm running a Core i9, 64GB RAM, dual 1080 ti in SLI (I tried it without and the results were the same). My hardware shouldn't be the issue here.

Does anyone know of any changes or "optimizations" that might cause something like this? Is there a fix?

Thanks in advance.

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