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Balancing Winter Wonderland for everyone, new and old.


Balancing Winter Wonderland for everyone, new and old.

This to me would be a small yet huge impact on the toxic enviornment that winter wonderland in PVE brings every year. Please weigh in if you think this would help or hurt the current system, I love feedback!  ❤️

Gacha Claus: 
     - Kill a gacha claus to get a 10% chance to recieving a common chibi.

     - Have gachaclaus only consume one coal or mistletoe at a time (prevents people not understanding what to do by adding all of their items at once)

     - Have the chibis obtained my the crystals to be the uncommon, rare, and even the ascendant genesis chibi's. This makes sure people will still spend the time putting in the items vs just murdering them on sight for a chance on a common. (From what i see they spawn everywhere, and a lot of them. not seeing them won't be an issue.)

Raptor Claus:
     - Each dropped present should have a claim counter. For example (5) up to five unique game names can claim the same gift for a random chance of loot. The claim number can be changed in the settings for private servers to make it higher for every player to get each one if they wanted to.
      * The system should be changed just to "Give items to player" instead of accessing the inventory and pulling out the items. Change the text on the present to say "Search bag of gifts"

     - Grinch effect: If a player claims all 8 or however many present drops in a row make a funny message appear and add this penalty. "Next time raptor claus appears all ridden dinos get a 50% penalty to speed. (This can now be detected by the unique player id's that claim presents.) Maybe even turn the character all green for 10 minutes would make it even more amusing. The overall effect I was thinking for this is to make sure everyone can get a chance to get a gift. It shouldn't be greed that wins this event. Spreading the feeling of hope and joy; cheer and excitement!

What do you think? How would this work out in PVP, I'd love input from players that play there. And PVE players, Do you think this would make a difference or am I just in neverland? Be honest.

Love you guys ❤️  Merry Christmas

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unfortunately there is always a small number of players who are too cowardly to play on PVP, but are too antisocial to make any friends on PVE. I'm not really sure what to call these type of players, but they're probably losers in real life too.

I like the suggestion about each raptor Claus present giving loot to more than one player. It would require the devs adding mechanics to ARK that I'm not sure exist at this time, but it would be worth it. ARK isn't an mmo, but a lot of content could really use the mmo treatment to remove a lot of unnecessary drama. I mean, the game is buggy enough as is, without janky mechanics enabling additional drama.

I like the Grinch effect, although it might have the opposite effect. There are some players that love drama and attention, and it would only incentivize them to try and get all the presents just for the attention (that their parents never gave them).

I especially like the idea about making gachaclaus' drop chibis when killed. There are so many of them in the game world that never get touched, its such a waste. I'm sure the pvp crowd would just love this idea too, as they can grief small tribes to their hearts content.

This suggestion has my vote.

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Santa greed

I have been totally appalled at the behaviour around Raptor Claus and the chibis. Did the devs not give any thought to how players would address this feature? There are Chibis to collect - a prize for getting all, rare chibis that are selling for vast amounts, and of course a race to grab as many gifts as possible. Players with Managarmrs are zapping from gift to gift grabbing them up. Add to that the autoclick that loots the gifts before they even touch the ground and you have a very unequal playing field indeed. How can a low level player compete? One who maybe has only a ptera, or  argentavis, or no flyer at all? How about players who dont have (and dont want) autoclick? How about players who have manners and restraint and who do not enjoy fighting for a gift? Christmas/Yule/Solstice/Whatever winter festival you celebrate is a time of giving, not a time of falling out/fighting/generating hatred. This is turning player against player, tribe against tribe, and I hate to say it but nationality against nationality. Would it not be possible to put a cooldown on gifts so that each player could collect just one per raptor claus run? Maybe more gifts per run too. At 1 each per run, more players would get an opportunity to ENJOY the event. As it is, the greed mongers are grabbing all on one server, then logging alts onto other servers to grab more. You see them arriving with minutes to go before Raptor Claus clones.  Coal may not transfer, but mistletoe and chibis do. I have seen players with 4 vaults and more full of chibis, while others are struggling for one or two.  This event could have been great - instead it has been nasty, vicious and divisive. Please NEVER release a free for all squabble again.


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I have HATED the greed and malice that the chibi race has caused (and have posted elsewhere on this forum). I think the idea of something new for Winter Wonderland was good, but SO poorly thought through. Of course the greedy brigade are out in force on their managarmrs brandishing their trusty autoclicker to loot one then zap to the nextm, the one after and all along the line of gifts. This has split friends, tribes, communities as of course anything with a competitive element will do. No new player gets a look in at all, nor does joe average with no managarmr or mr nice guy without autoclick. I dont agree with killing gacha claus btw. I can see how all the gachas would be dead and none to feed coal to, gachas getting killed while being fed (player loses coal/mistletoe), griefers love to spoil things for others. I suggest elsewhere a cooldown on gifts so that any player can only get 1 gift per raptor claws run.


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