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pvp [Wolfpack] Earn Real $! 3 Man No Flyers 5x - Rag

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Only join this server if:
1. You don't like grinding bullets all day and prefer mostly chill PVP experience.

2. You prefer actual character vs character PVP, hate large tribe warfare, and prefer solo/duo/trio tribes.

3. You hate OP dinos/gear/settings that instantly makes the PVE game easy mode.

4. You actually enjoy using other dinos besides the few dinos only used in Official.

5. You want a balanced PVP experience, no pay-to-win stuff, and not feeling disadvantage compared to other people because you joined a server late.

6. You don't want server wipes or admin abuse.


What main settings give you these options:

1. Plant x with 5x damage (no grinding bullets). For balance purposes, prim saddles only, no rockets/flame arrows/OP tek gear, and player movement speed limited.

2. Three man tribe, no alliances, no flyers. If you want to "fly" you can use ziplines/wing suits/delivery crates or dinos that jump/glide far.

3. Small to medium tames can only be tamed. This limits people with OP dinos harassing new players and brings back new pvp tactics and uses for neglected dinos.

4. Balanced custom drops, stack size increase, S+, awesome spyglass, and simple spawner QoL mods but tweaked for PVP balance.

5. Chance to earn real money for completing objectives. Donations fund this prize pool. There is no store, starter pack, or pay-to-win stuff.

6. This server will not wipe (I host the server myself on my own equipment so you don't have to worry about me paying monthly hosting fees).


How to Join?

Server Name: [Wolfpack] Small Tames No Flyer 5x 3 Man - Rag

 *Search Ark server listed under "unofficial" = Type "wolfpack"

or add steam server: "notamerag.duckdns.org:27015" or join discord if you need help







Detailed Server Settings:

Map: Ragnarok (no server wipes), will cluster with Genesis upon release (Started Dec-22-2019)

Max Players: 100

Mods: S+, Awesome Spyglass, and Simple Spawners (used to spawn Dein nests). Stack size increases and custom drops. All mods are modified to be pvp balanced.

Rules: Official, mesh/dupe/aim-bot instant ban. Spam chat or racism, 1 warning then banned.

Admin: admin command logging enabled, admin will only issue bans and that is it.

Discord: https://discord.gg/c4r3mER

Server Host Type: Personal owned hardware, no monthly fees are required.


PVP Balancing Changes:

- Small to Med dinos only tameable, no flyers, max wild dino lvl 60

- No auto turrets/rockets/flame arrows/OP tek gear

- 30 tribe tame limit (cryopod dinos dont count against tame limit)

- Plant X does 5x damage (tested, it is fair)

- Player stats add per level: 3x weight, 2x stam, .33x speed (no speed demons because only plant x and limited player speed means PVE isn't as easy)

- 30x cave damage (dissuade building in caves)

- Dino stats add per level: 3x weight, .15x HP, .15x speed (no speed or hp demons)

- Prim saddles only, no saddle or BP saddle drops

- No ascendant gear/weapons. Mastercraft flak/weapons only obtainable from boss fights.

- Custom drops (raw resources, weapons, ammo, and armor)


Quality of Life (QoL) Improvements:

- Gliders/zip-lines/delivery crates added for traveling around the map and your only means of "Flying"

- Stack size changes for resources and food

- No structure collisions (don't cheat/mesh)

- 60 second item pickup timer

- Map indicator

- 5x harvest/tame/breed/mature/xp

- 3x spoil time

- 2x corpse time

- 2x Fuel

- 3x Crop speed

- .5x Crop decay speed

Other Server Settings:

- Abberation/extinction items added, don't require gems.

- Custom boss drops (mastercraft items/BPs, indy forge/chem bench, normal drops)

- Boss difficulty .10x (easy), .08x (med), 0.06x (hard) of Official Settings. (Tested and it is fair given server settings)


Earning Real Money:

Complete objectives listed below to earn real money. The money is provided through donations and objectives are voted on by the community. Money is paid out to the tribe via paypal/venmo/steam gift money.

Current Objectives:

1. First tribe to get both Gamma Dragon and Manticore trophies: $5 (no winner yet)

2. First tribe to get both Beta Dragon and Manticore trophies: $10 (no winner yet)

3. First tribe to get both Alpha Dragon and Manticore trophies: $20 (no winner yet)

Past Completed Objectives:


List of Tameable Dinos (61):





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