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qol QoL - Shoulder Pet QoL suggestions



QoL - Shoulder Pet QoL suggestions

I have 4 suggestions regarding shoulder pets, and I believe both of these would be greatly beneficial to be added to the game. Here is what I propose:


First off, the inputs for reloading and throwing shoulder pets while mounted should to be separated. I am pretty sure many people out there have been in this exact scenario. I know I have been too many times to count:

* Trying to farm Nameless venom using a mount

* Turns off charge pet

* Reaches for T to whistle it back on once Nameless start showing up

* Accidentally hits R

* Charge pet gets thrown off 

   * From here, 1 and 2 things are going to happen:
       * The charge pet is on passive and the Nameless kill it pretty much instantly

       * The charge pet is on neutral and the Nameless kill it instantly

Getting off your mount to try and go grab it has a very low rate of success because the Nameless will then attack you as well and push you around and reaching the charge pet before one of you dies is nearly impossible. Out of all the times this has happened to me, I was only ever able to rescue a single charge pet and that was purely out of luck. In most scenarios, the Nameless are going to be difficult to kill because the charge pet is off and more will just keep spawning before the first wave dies. It is convenient to have reload bound to R where it's easy to reach, but it's super easy to accidentally hit R while mounted and throw your shoulder pet off. My suggestion is have them not be bound to the same key. Let us keep reload on R and have throwing a shoulder pet while mounted have its own separate key binding. If this were to be implemented, it would greatly reduce the amount of shoulder pet casualties.

Even if this were to get implemented, however, misclicks still happen on occasion, which is why my second suggestion is for the addition of a whistle option to turn on/off charge pets. If the above scenario happened with this feature implemented, you could just stay seated on your mount and just whistle the charge pet to turn on, kill all the Nameless, then rescue your charge pet. 

I also think there should be a Turret mode for charge pets. This would essentially allow for charge pets to toggle on and off on their own. There could even be adjustable settings, such as only activating when they detect wild dinos, enemy players and tames, or even tribemates. You could even leave a charge pet in your base on turret mode and have it effectively act like a light that turns on when you come inside.

Lastly, I suggest that charge pets should be given radius options with proportionally scaled charge consumption. Essentially, what I am proposing is that charge pets have an option on their radial menu that would allow players to manually increase and decrease their emission range, with the maximum range requiring the most charge and lower radii requiring less. There could also be a toggleable option to make the charge pet conserve charge be decreasing its radius as its charge gets lower. 

I'm no game developer, but I have a feeling these additions would be pretty easy to add since all of these suggestions are derived from mechanics already in the game. Implementing these QoL suggestions would be greatly beneficial and would make charge pets not only even more useful, but also save a lot of them from dying due to a mistake that is incredibly easy to make. 

Thanks for taking the time to read my suggestions!

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