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Giga and Quetzal Locations

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Giga and Quetzal Locations

As I have been reading through the forum I have noticed that many people are constantly asking and wondering about these 2 specific dinos: The Giga and the Quetzal.

Many people don't know where to find this 2 massive creatures and usually have a hard time looking for them. So I just decided to post this to help them out a bit. This map is based on the locations that I usually find them. I didn't copy it from the wiki or any other source, it just came from my experience and knowledge. 
So here is the map....



RED = Giga

BLUE = Quetzal

As the key above states, red highlighter stands for giga and blue stands for quetzals. The highlighting part shows the general location where they may roam around and not the exact spawn points.

You may also notice green and yellow dots. These are to represent exact spawn points where I've seen them spawn. Yellow stands for gigas and green stands for quetzals. These are not neccecarily all of the spawn points, of course there might be more, but these are the places that I HAVE SEEN THEM SPAWN.


These majestic birds can be very hard and elusive to find, but once you know how to find them, they are actually pretty easy. On the map you will see a quetzal spawn location on the Southern Western portion of the map near the red obelisk. That is the spot I recommend going to look for one the most as they are easy to spot and (approved by testing this numerous times) once one flys out of the region, another will spawn in very shortly after. Also, when searching for one I'm always looking at the ground because that's where they spawn before flying up.

So when taming all I do is fly around the area slowly and look at the ground since quetzals spawn like 5 feet above it and then fly upwards. This way you'll be able to see them spawn. When it spawns check it's level, if you are pleased then tame it, if you are not then chase it with your bird until you kill it. The chase should give enough time to spawn in another quetzal. So when you come back, it won't take too long for another one to spawn in and you can keep repeating until you find the desired level. Be prepared to kill a bunch of quetzals though, I went through 13 before I found a 145 (yes, I actually counted).

The region close to the green obelisk is also another place where I have sometimes seen them spawn in. But way more uncommonly. This goes as well for the river North of the Redwoods and plains east of the volcano. I have sometimes seen them fly above the redwoods as well. But I really wouldn't recommend searching in this area as it might be quite a challenge finding them due to the tall trees in which they can take cover.

The second place I would recommend searching in would be the snow area. I usually can spot about 1 or 2 flying between The Whitesky Peak and Winter's Mouth high in the air. But I have actually never seen them spawn in in here, so I can't give an exact location. 


The Apex predator of the island. A terror of the land. With this guy I just highlighted the spots where they most likely will be. But since this guy can basically take on anything except a titan, he can appear anywhere. It is a good thing that they are actually pretty rare. If you haven't noticed already, it's pretty easy to tell that gigas really like mountains, that's the only spot I have seen them spawn. 
The two mountains that I'd say you're more likely to find a giga in are either The Frozen Tooth or Far's Peak. I have even seen 2 at a time in Far's Peak.

Winter's Mouth is also another mountain where they can be found, although you can basically find them anywhere in the snow biome. I have also sometimes seen them in between the volcano and The Frozen Tooth.

A picture of The Island with land features named....


Sorry if it's kinda blurry, you can search it up in the wiki if you can't read the names!

Like I said above, this regions are general locations where they can usually hang around. Do take in mind that this post doesn't change the fact that they are still pretty rare and that you won't find them just by entering this regions. You will still have to search around. If there is anybody out there that has information to share or add then you can post it below. 
But yeah, I hope this helped some of you, if it didn't well sorry I couldn't satisfy you.

Have a nice day and have fun playing Ark!




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39 minutes ago, XaosRes said:

On every second login logout you can find a Quetzal near the Red Obelisk on the small island to left, who starts flying up when entering the game.

You can with quitting and reentering make the Quetzal spawn on this spot.

I didn't know that, thanks for the info! Seems a bit faster than chasing the quetzal down and killing it

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