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winter wonderland in abb need "adjustement/fixing"

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winter wonderland in abb need "adjustement/fixing"

ok i dont usually liek to complain about the game but this right here need some adjsutement ...

the present from raptor claus need adjustement ! here the reason why

1 falling speed : they drop to slow, if you rnot on a 10/90 night its very risky to go for more than 2~3 but then you have to pray for the present not to get stuck, that lead to my "2"

2 present getting out of reach or out of the map ...:

you dont believ eme ? here soem screenshot



or this



or again that ??



and i got MANY MANY more, but you get my point (hopefully) considering we (really) have few mins on a 50/50 and 10/90 (and those night come every 7hrs ish ?)

make it frustrating to see that

tbh id rather have the mystic oil like last years, than this ... (add up chibi or coal mistletoe to surface drop so we can aswell benefit from it ?) but anyway some adjustement need be made ...


OFC, obviously if you REALLY wanted the drop that are stuck you could get em (climbing pick) but we are at the surface, do we really want to take un needed risk to try climb these rock with a herd of reaper nearby ? naaaaaah

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This is sad, the last time these presents dropped , they weren't so problematic.  At least , that's how I remember it.  I do remember some being outside the boundry, but not as bad as this year.  I've had people tell me they did not see anything on all three surfaces at the same time.

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You can also loot on 50/50 night, and have all presents looted up by the time 4:30 rolls around, giving you an hour in-game time to get off the surface (if you're on a mana it takes less then 0:20 to get off).

It is impossible to loot any presents during 90/10, the time the first presents land is around 5:05, and that gives you about 10 seconds to get off the surface. You can however go up on a 90/10 night if it is a day ending in a "6" because when it turns to midnight it switches to 10/90, and you have all the time in the world to loot up.  So in summary, you get 7 days you can successfully loot all the presents, out of a 10 day cycle.


Also, there are more then 10 presents that drop on Abb, even during 50/50. There are close to 15 drops in a given night, of which 2-3 usually go out of bounds (everytime, same spots), and about 5-6 land on ledges. To get the ledged ones, you need to be skillful at mana jumping, be on a RD that climbs, have a tek jetpack, or keep climbing picks handy. This is annoying, but I've looted about 9-10 presents in a single night, solo, and it would be more but I literally can't make it to all the drops before they expire (have some downtime from killing Reapers/seekers/travel time).

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I ran Ab throughout the whole of the event and managed to get drops on 7/10 days, the only real issue was the presents that dropped outside of the world barrier, presents in awkward places such as in your second and third picture can be reached with a Tek suit (I know not everyone has this but with element being so easy to farm on Ab and the ability to unlock it on 3 different maps now means that the unlocks are at the hardest a facebook deal away). I also think being able to time yourself getting on and off a drake or mana without being eaten by a reaper is all part and parcel of the Ab surface, drakes can cloak as mentioned in a previous post and also stick to rocks just out of aggro range until the present is ready to be picked up. I lost 2 drakes, a Spino and 2 light pets this event down to my own stupidly but still found that ab was by far the easiest place to get drops in large quantities.

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