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@invincibleqc - great minds and all that.  Slightly different UI but yeah esentially the same thing.

I wasn't aware of Larkator but had seen the json extracts from the java tool provided by @Qowynso started to write my own UI based on that data.  I since found a native port in C# which makes things a bit easier and faster than shelling out the ARK-tools.exe.

Currently we (myself and our server players) use this to spot any potential wilds to capture/tame and add into our existing breed lines - and to work out which of our tames to breed with the others for best mixture of stats.

The "markers" was an addition and I plan on including some player data.

My main challenge now is making it so that a server admin can provide the tool to players or a config for their server to the players - but with ability to lock down certain things.  Like only displaying tames for the player and/or tribe who is using it and not showing other player data or server usernames/passwords etc.

Just hope that I'm not stepping on any toes - the one @coldino did looks good tbf.

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On 12/18/2019 at 2:52 PM, MirageUK said:

@Zahlea - it's something I'm coding myself using a .net port of the ARK savegame toolkit previously provided by @Qowyn

The c# library is open source and freely available on github (https://github.com/Flachdachs/ArkSavegameToolkit) but the UI is my own work.

Wow, really cool :D Great work! Looking forward to it being released to the public ;)

On 12/18/2019 at 2:55 PM, invincibleqc said:

There is a similar one publicly available:


Thanks! I actually have Larkator, though and this looked like it had more features.

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4 hours ago, MirageUK said:

@Zahlea - The more I dig into the toolkit library the more potential features I find I can add - this is my current WIP.  Plan on releasing something early new year.


Thanks! I'll be sure to follow it. I love the approach of trying to let people access the information remotely. I currently use Larkator, which is great, but has the limitation of needing to be on the same computer as the save files.

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On 12/18/2019 at 7:58 AM, Starrbean said:

Where is Gacha Claus?

Yo has anyone found the Gacha Claus on the Island? Ive done like ten laps of the map and have not seen a single one, ive just got argeys full of coal and mistletoe. Help anyone plz, is there any trick to finding him?



Having the same issue. Been all over, none to be found. Scoured the south baeches where they were last year.  He's not on my island.

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Not finding them on Extinction either (private dedicated server). Lots of regular Gachas in the sunken forest... no Gacha Claus spawns. I've read they appear where parasaurs would spawn... nothing. 

We have lots of event colored creatures spawning and Raptor Claus comes every ARK day, but I've been slaying parasaurs and regular Gachas for real time days now and not a single Gacha Claus spawn has been found. 

We had the same experience last year on Extinction map.

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