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Questions About Chibis

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It pushes MAX level on server up by 5. It is pretty simple. 105 (pre-ascension) 135 (post-ascension) Becomes 105 (pre-ascension) 140 (post-ascension) That means 5 for Chib

I do not own Genesis and have a lava lizard Chibi equipped, if you two were still wondering.

check my picture man, 2 post up. god just read before post

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On 12/17/2019 at 4:26 AM, Abecy said:

so if my lv is 120 now, so it will add 125? if that's the case, it doesn't benefits me?

You might know this, but because you mentioned 120 which is the max level for dinos (on the Island when playing Single Player or an Unofficial/Dedicated server at default values), I'll just say for clarity: The level increase is for the player. That is, if you haven't killed any bosses, the maximum player level is 105. With the Chibis, that's increased to 110. If you've killed all the bosses, the maximum player level is 135, so with the Chibis, that means that (unless it's been changed in the server settings) the absolute highest maximum level any player is able to reach is 140.

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What I meant is, suppose the event is over, and you have a character that did not gain all of the 5 available levels:


if so, then will the chibis themselves disappear?

         if not, then will we still be able to get max level increments when we kill alphas with chibis?


Basically: can we still increase character max level after event, or will that be limited to the period during the event?

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14 hours ago, Piffguru said:

Where do u come up with the max dino level being 120??

If you're playing single player or your own dedicated server without setting the OverrideOfficialDifficulty command, the default max level is 120 on The Island (and maybe even SE). I'll edit my post to be clearer about this for people who didn't play since the beginning. Thanks.

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did u see your xp bar go up at all?  It doesn't give u the levels, it will open them up.  You will have to earn the xp to complete them.   Not saying you aren't seeing a bug though, just that it might not be apparent right away.


um i didn't post this comment in this thread.  Not sure how this ended up here


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