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What is it I don’t get about server jumping?

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What is it I don’t get about server jumping?

So here’s the breakdown, my husband and I used to play on a legacy pve island server for over two years. We struggled for a long time building up our base, getting tames and never got to a boss.

so we decided to start over on Valguero. Now, in about a month we surpassed our old base of two years, a month after that we surpassed our number of tames.

now we are eyeing a couple other tames and engrams from other maps but we are unsure of how to do this.

do we: both go and start new and transfer tames/items over once we get them?

Player A transfer character, player B stays on Valguero. Player A and Player B with a newly spawned  character gets tames, and Player A then learns new engrams and transfers back to Valguero. Then Player A creates new character to join B.5, B downloads over character, and learns engrams and transfers back? 

or just stay and barter everything?

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Player transfers can be tricky. I've lost access to whole bases from some reasons in the past for this. here is what I've learned since there is no good explanation online (I've looked but  I welcome advise as well)

1. If you created a new player on a new server you will not be able to move a OG chracter (one that you've leveled) to that server with out kicking the other out and not having access to that bases stuff etc (unless left unlocked or pinned which I've done).

2. You can jump your server to learn the engrams and then jump back to your OG server. (I've done this but finding a damn drop can take days when you are naked and alone)

3. I suggest since you have a partner is 1 stays to maintain your main base, the other transfers. The person maintaining the main base creates a new character on the server the jumper is joining so they can enjoy the new content with you but also allow for 1 always being on new server to drop off and or pick up the jumper after established. This way you can either take turns visiting the new map and learning / taming new creatures while not have to worry about loosing access to an old base or getting stuck on a new map with no way off.


Hope that helps, Lastly I would NOT create a new tribe for whoever is jumping, I've done this one and lost all access to my aberration server even though I was told that tribes stay on the server not the player, could be a glitch for me but I would never risk it again.  



I have a character on legacy as well, Island from game preview. You can not transfer those character to just any server they have to be legacy servers of the new maps as well. Most Legacy servers are pillared off aggressively so be careful when selecting a new legacy server, send in a scout (new character or transfer 1 with a flying mount to survey the new map and potential enjoyment of base building.

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