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Me and My friend cant play :(

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Me and My friend cant play :(

So today me and my friend decided to buy Ark: Survival Evolved since we were interested in playing the game. When we installed the game and tried to join eachother but i got hit with the error: "Unable to query server info for the invite".
Apparently he has Patch 300.0 and I have Patch 303.1 and I really dont know what to do from this point. We tried reinstalling and validating the local files via steam. Even the add server to favorites and give the ip adress of the server to the other one but didnt work, we dont even see the same servers on the server list. Please help we really wanted to play this game and would be rather disappointing than sad to have the game bought just to be "scammed". We cant even refund it since its bought from G2A. :(
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