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WC Needs It's Own Battlemetrics-Like Site


WC Needs It's Own Battlemetrics-Like Site

Make it for unofficial servers.  Give it Connect like Battlemetrics has.  Have far more search parameters than what BM has.  Leave out ping because that cannot be calculated accurately.  Leave out distance to server same reason.  Leave out server country instead make a primary language parameter.  Make search parameters around popular mods and popular maps.  Take from Steam votes or make own upvote system where players vote on mods and maps; popularity of mods and maps being part of the search parameter.  Give more room for unofficial admins to share server information like their rates. A parameter for each rate.  Have the unoff server's name be a link to personal page with about info.  Then have a description section where they can blab extra stuff and link a webpage.   Leave out server up outage info just to give Battlemetrics a reason to continue to be useful and one less thing to worry about.

The search engine that comes with the login is swamped and takes to long or does not work at all.  If above idea worked well might be able to remove all unofficial off of the login search that opens up with the game and just use this separate site for all unofficial servers.  Then WC can focus only on it's official servers.  However make sure to give info at the top of login search that unoffs can be found at this site "say sites name."

The idea is to help unofficials get more promotion by making it easier to join them.  So players will stop defaulting to official thus overcrowding.

Keep the creator of the site on hand to make more adjustments and a contact help tab so I can throw more ideas at them.  Hire someone to do this don't force your already staff to do more work.

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