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Battle Eye Install Loop

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Battle Eye loop

Apart from the Rex bug which ruins the game.

Now, everytime i load into a singleplayer game right before it finishes the game ends and says i have to download BattlEye (which i have installed) which i press okay and then another popup says succesfully installed. When i load it back up to play the game, the same thing happens again, crash, battlEye popup, succesful download

But i can load into official servers which makes no sense 

Please help!

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BattlEye install loop

Does anyone know why BattlEye pops up and want's me to install it when i join my dedicated server? I can join other server just fine. I just started playing ark again i don't know if they changed anything but i start my dedicated server and start Shootergame but when i join my server it keeps telling me to install BattlEye. Tried re-installing the game and BattlEye but i can't get it to work. If i host the server on my laptop i can join.. It's so annoying! Does anyone know what the problem is?


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I am having the same problem and 30+ more people are as well that I know personally . I cant join my own server.The only thing i can do is join official,or play single player and single player the resources are busted on single player,and official is to time consuming. I just want to play on my server like i always have done.

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  • Joebl0w13 changed the title to Battle Eye Install Loop

i've had issue with Battle eyes loop when trying to connect to beta test server in steam

>everything works perfectly

>tried to install update from beta test server in steam (14GO~ish)

>>battle eyes loop, impossible to connect 

>>reupdate to install normal Ark (yay back to update xxGO again '.' )

battle eyes working again


you can still try to switch that ? 

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I'm having the exact same issue. Stuck in a battleye loop of install even though its already installed. Only happens when I try to join my husband and I's dedicated server. Singleplayer is fine. I dont play official anymore so idk about that. Please for the love of ark can someone fix this we cant play togethor because of this.


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This is exactly what was happening to me and my friend when trying to make a dedicated server to play primitive plus on Ragnarok. One thing I'll describe to you worked for us for a LAN dedicated server with no password and no mods (we didn't try mods). We have the dedicated server tool in steam but didn't use it to launch a server. Finally, we couldn't get it to work without BattlEye and made sure before following any of the below instructions to turn off or allow the steam folder through all firewall or malware programs. It doesn't seem like it should have worked (and I'm not sure which part of the sequence is important either)...If you want to figure out which part is important for it to work go for it.

First, the person making the server should run Ark, go to host a game, change settings, then Run Dedicated Server. It takes forever for prim+ (20+ minutes for us) to finish setting up the server, you know it's done when it says so in the DOS-like terminal. At this point it should be seen in the Join Game browser in Ark. Next, all parties planning to join must navigate in Windows Explorer: 

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64\BattlEye

Once there, run Install_BalleEye application and make sure you say Yes or Ok if prompted then also run BEService_x64

After that navigate in Windows explorer:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Binaries\Win64

Once there, run ShooterGame_BE application. This will start Ark. Just because we don't know what's going on we navigated to BattlEye folder again and ran Install_BalleEye and BEService_x64 for a second time after the Ark game was started.

Now in everyone can find and join your LAN dedicated server and the infinite loop should be gone. I don't know about regular Ark, but Prim+ again takes 20+ minutes to join in this part too so we had a lot of patience. I hope this works for you guys too.

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Is there any fix for this? I have a Nitrado-server which I can't connect to. Cannot create a single-player game and other random servers also gives me the same message.

I've reinstalled both ark, battle-eye many different ways, launched without battle eye, disabled battle eye on servers, tried changing the files, etc.

Nothing has helped me. Basically I've paid for a game and a server I cannot use.

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