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Primitive Plus Crossark3 issues

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Wildcard stated around 9 months ago that they dont know why the drops dont work. Which basically means they know the drops dont work but they dont care or plan even to find out why they dont work, never mind actually fix them. Playing on official prim is one of the worst experiences ever in videogames when it comes to incompetance and zero oversight from developers.Every other update they 'forget' to compile the prim engrams so safes and walls will vanish overnight and then they will only rollback half the cluster . Incompetant to the extreme

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Can't join server under the P+ conversion it eventually times out and tells me I'm using the wrong conversion and asks me if I'd like to restart with the appropriate mods... After choosing yes, it launches the base game without the P+ conversion.  I CAN actually see the P+ servers on the base game and log into them, but all the Primitive plus materials are gone (AKA, my entire Brick Base, except for reinforced doors, chests, etc). 


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