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Boss Battle Unplayable - Rexes Don't Deal Any Damage!!

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1 hour ago, FreddyFCT said:

You must be new to the game. Breed up some Rexes with good stats or ask for trade in global. You can solo Megapithecus with 4 rexes and a yuti today with not trouble what so ever. Breath young one. You got this.

Did you actually read the rest of the thread? There’s a current bug that makes rexes not do any damage to carnivores, including bosses. This bug is only present in SP and non-dedicated. My rexes are fine, I’m not new to the game, don’t patronise me if you aren’t willing to read everything and go on with your day :)

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31 minutes ago, djr6025 said:

Does anyone know if it is now fixed on official and legacy? Almost did one a few days ago but decided not too until I here of a fix.

We finished all 3 on island yesterday, with rexes, spider, ape and dragon. Only lag problems, everything else seems fine. 


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