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qol Added Super Spyglass


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Or even more importantly, the ability to zoom in or out.

My guess it would take tek to move the spyglass beyond our tenth century, although cryostasis so simple we can learn at level 51 ;)  (about one day decent grind for a new char on official)


But your suggestion is sound, Spikeaka83.  It makes sense that, at some point, it should be as easy to tell high health and melee dinos as it is their level (I mean, how exactly is "level" observed anyway, lol jk) Like other well-deserved time savers for higher level characters they would spend less time taming (and I would get less DB lookup requests on my dedi servers!@!) ... and you would still have the unknown taming bonus distribution anyway. So this really makes sense. I mean, for such an essential item the spyglass gets literally no advancement in the entire game. That's just weird. BUT HAVE ZOOM AS WELL.


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