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Offline Raid Protection Only: ORP Timers on Cross Ark Servers + PopCorning


Offline Raid Protection Only: ORP Timers on Cross Ark Servers + PopCorning

This suggestion is affecting all severs with the Offline Raid Protection mechanic

I am a player who really enjoy the Offline Raid Protection PVP enabling me to defend while actually online / or attack an online player which in my opinion is a real challenge (and makes a lot more fun). Now most of the players on the same server types would agree to the following:

While being a beach guy you really benefit from the ORP, enabling you to grow linear to your playtime and you just need to worry not getting hit during the 15 minutes cooldown timer when you log off (or being attacked online). However, while you progress in the game and made some alliances (or enemies) you will realise the following issues:

ORP Timers are the same for everyone

In case of a raid, the opponents strategy is often to spam a lot of obstacles (either living stock or structures) as well heavy reliance on defenses and then immediately log out enabling the timer to kick in. In our server we have a group of players who just log in to quickly upload the structure decay timer and then immediately to log out (or using alt accounts to check whats going on around their offline protected bases). These guys have of course all possible defenses you would expect from established players (hex turret towers, elementals, cave bases ect. ect). Cave bases being a real pain in the ass to raid with ORP.

Due to this behaviour I would like to SUGGEST the following implementation:


" Instead of a 15 minutes timer for everyone, the timer should be based on the players actual progression in the game"

The actual progression could be based on the quality and quantity of structures and/or turret count in that specific area.

Building in a cave should have clearly an increased orp timer (up to 1 hour)


This is just a suggestion but imo could be easily implemented. I dont see the logic that an established players enjoys the same ORP time kicker than a beach bob who just joins the server.


Most of the players would agree that it is not a honorable move to just quickly popout all items when realising you cant win a fight. Actually in almost all online raids, the opponent will popcorn all items from his vaults, cryofridges ect.

Also here I would suggest that during a time where several structure are being damaged (indicating an attack) every item popcorned in a specific area should go in a bag (enjoying the same timer)

I do understand that other players would disagree and seeing popcorning as a reasonable strategy (and I do not want to extinct the possibility of this strategy) but it would be fair that the other party has at least a chance to make a raid profitable.


I hope you could bring this once up as I feel it can be simply implemented.


Thank you








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Playing on an Official ORP server, I think about solutions to issues we are dealing with all the time.  So far, I have come up with 2 solutions which I think are viable that would solve multiple problems with ORP abuse and also map clutter.

1- ORP is a timer that charges while online and counts down while offline.  Standard is- you create a tribe and you have say... 5 days worth of ORP.  As your tribe is online, the ORP timer goes up to a max of say... 20 days.  When your tribe logs off and your ORP kicks in, your structures are ORPed, and your 20 day timer is counting down.  Should you be ORPed more than online and your ORP timer hits '0', you structures are no longer protected and open for attack even when offline.  I think this would eventually lead to clearing of spam and abandoned bases from tribes that are simply just refreshing and ORPing with no real activity.  Which would make server clutter and lag less (not gone, it's WC) of a problem.  Also, when at war, it would prevent a "defeated" tribe from holding out indefinitely by abusing ORP.  Another little side effect would be that wood, stone, and CABLES would all have the same countdown.

For tribes that don't abuse ORP and are active, you still have the feature of being protected while being at work or with family.  An additional option to voluntarily switch ORP off for your tribe I think would be an added bonus to allow your timer to go up and also protect against meshing should you desire but not a necessity.


2- For ORP clusters, your tribes are cluster-wide.  Explaining: when you make a tribe on SE, and you go to Rag, you are still in that same tribe.  This stops a single survivor from having 7 different tribes on 7 maps.  This would cut back on the hiding combined with ORP abuse.  The ORP timer will still be independent on maps.  But adding/kicking a member will remove them from entire tribe, on all maps.  

I'm actually interested in hearing feedback on these ideas.

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