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pve Unicorn Sparkle Cluster [PC][PvE]

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✧・゚:{Unicorn Sparkle}:・゚✧

✧・゚:{Unicorn Sparkle}:・゚✧
Looking for a sparklier ARK experience? Unicorn Sparkle gaming community has been around since February 2019. We have been an ARK cluster host since November 2019! Our goal is to provide a community focused on positive gaming experience for casual to more dedicated players. Everyone is welcome! A large portion of our community is LGBTQ+ and we strive to keep a safe environment for members from all walks of life.
If you're looking for your new start, or hoping to find a good home before Genesis arrives, give us a chance~! Our rates are set to give as much gain for your time without feeling too fast. Currently, all donation rewards are purely cosmetic. We want our donors to feel appreciated and we offer all rewards available to donors as rewards for supporters also.
Here's what we have to offer:
7 Official Map Cluster | No Wipes
⛵The Island | steam://connect/
🌊The Center | steam://connect/
🏰Ragnarok | steam://connect/
🌈Valguero | steam://connect/
🌞Scorched Earth | steam://connect/
🍄Aberration | steam://connect/
🌃Extinction | steam://connect/
Our Community
✨Transparent Mod Team
✨Cosmetic only donor rewards
✨No tolerance for toxic behavior
✨Friendly and Cooperative Community
✨Starter dinos on each map
✨Automatic Soul Trapping of dead dinos
✨Soul gun in starter kit - soul balls not needed
✨Starter pack includes Gnome Home for a first base
✨Community Boss runs
Server Rates
135 Max Player Level
150 Max Dino Level
100k Item Stacking
70 Engram Points
Weekend Rates
1.5x XP
3x Harvest
50x Tame
20x Mate
50x Hatch
50x Mature
200x Hair Growth
-50% Food Drain
-50% Water Drain
-90% Stamina Drain
2x Imprint Quality
5x Loot Quality
3x Move Speed
10x Crafting Skill
200x Weight
10x Fortitude



Structure Decay Timers
20 days 🌟 Thatch
40 days 🌟 Wood
60 days 🌟 Stone
80 days 🌟 Metal
100 days 🌟 Tek


🌠Structures Plus
🌠Dino Storage v2
🌠Death Inventory Keeper
🌠Awesome Teleporters
🌠Awesome Spyglass
🌠Boss Packages Station
🌠Editable Server UI
🌠Better Reusables
🌠Eco's RP Decor
🌠Eco's Garden Decor
🌠Eco's Primordial Saddles
🌠Additional Lighting
🌙ArkShop A chat command shop allowing survivors to earn 15 points for 15 minutes of game time. Shop contains all dinos, all saddles, starter kit, and growing!
🌙Dino Colors Dinos spawn in the wild with every available color
🌙Dino Color Command Supporter perk to recolor dinos using chat command
🌙Lottery Hourly lottery costs 25 unicoins and returns 100% of pot holdings
🌙Permissions Allows us to set up exclusive perks for supporters
🌙Cross Cluster Chat Currently Down
🌙Suicide Command to respawn your survivor if stuck
🌙Weekend Rates Double our rates beginning Friday mornings and ending Sunday nights
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