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pve Savamther's Valguero - Small Casual Community - Boosted / Modded

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Small Slot Server [20] Mostly Vanilla, with Boosted Rates and Vanilla Quality of Life Mods. Dedicated server run through G-Portal with full back ups. 

I am looking at potentially inviting like-minded ark lovers to play with me on my private server :). I usually only run these servers for my friends, but since no one I know personally as into the game as I am, it would be nice to see more activity on the server and not be the only player for once.

If you were to join, it will be whitelist access only but I’m pretty open to anyone joining so long as they are not griefers / time wasters / trolls. This server is for people who just want to enjoy taming, exploring, building or whatever else you like to do in a friendly, trusting PVE environment and don't have to spend a month of Sundays doing it.


Active Admins
Admin  involvement will be kept minimal so long as everyone is respectful of the few rules we have on the server. That being said, an admin can always be reached on discord if not in game should you need help with other issues such as lost tames/gear to unavoidable glitches (proof provided). 

Boosted for time saving
Taming, resource gathering and breeding times are boosted to become more manageable for single players and small groups. 

Quality of life / Aesthetic mods
The only mods on the server  are simple immersive decoration mods, and quality of life improvements like pet finder, death helper and s+. The goal is to keep the experience  as vanilla as possible, but with little ‘sprinkles’ to enhance game play and add some flavour to base building. We also have the Valguero Dino and Map extension Mod adding back many of the dinos that were removed with the official release of the map.

Custom drops
Drop Quality has been scaled and custom loot added so you can now find better quality saddles for every creature on the map, including those added in the extension.


If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please reach out to me on discord at Savamther#6125 and we can discuss it further! A full list or rates, mods and rules can be provided and are listed on the discord should you join! I hope to hear back from some people and potentially make some new ark friends :D


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