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Sorry for the late notice but we are aware and there is a team that is actively looking into it.  I'll let you know when I have an ETA.

It's lazy. "Hey some people drink and drive. Now everyone has to install a breathalyzer in their car and blow for 15 minutes. Then wait an additional 5 minutes to start the vehicle." Good with bad. Ge

Rollbacks delete characters. They gave 2x breeding so people can re-breed, they appologized, they made an effort. Complaining about it after the fact does nothing but make them want to ignore the comm

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As the title says i took a break from the game came back and i couldn't join my main server (EU-PVE-Official-Extinction508) and some other servers i used to play on. I was getting Connection timeout error, a friend told me to use VPN and now i can connect any server no problem and cant disconnect until stopped playing (otherwise game timeout and cant join again).If Anyone else facing this issue? Or is there any way to see if Ark's IP or something is getting blocked by my isp/firewall or something? IDK I wanna play the game its just seems too much work not to mention the lag . If u need any more info I'll happily provide but need a fix for this :(

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On PC I'm getting this same PreLogin Lock for 10-12 hours now on one of my characters.  A character on another server is similarly unable to transfer but so far has not received this lock but everything leading up to it was exactly the same.  Opened Transmitter, selected server, hit the button to go and then nothing.  Screen was stuck for a long time but ultimately backed out.  The character was stuck in one spot kind of jittering.  This all started after the event ended last night.

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same problem with main char extinction 914,but other chars on others servers works.

checked by tribemates ,char sleeps on ground but cant controlled DILO 

server outage reported but nothing happens since hours .

u can play 5k hours without any problem and when raise dinos u get punched

"Pre Login: waiting on login lock" or "Invalid Attempt,already authenticating"

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