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Sorry for the late notice but we are aware and there is a team that is actively looking into it.  I'll let you know when I have an ETA.

It's lazy. "Hey some people drink and drive. Now everyone has to install a breathalyzer in their car and blow for 15 minutes. Then wait an additional 5 minutes to start the vehicle." Good with bad. Ge

Rollbacks delete characters. They gave 2x breeding so people can re-breed, they appologized, they made an effort. Complaining about it after the fact does nothing but make them want to ignore the comm

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I think  something is borked with xbox and the servers.   Spam twitter feed is my only advice.  Login lock was designed to stop dupers but it really just pisses off the entire player base.  try again in 30 minutes is my only advice for that.   There are some like me that cannot teleport off of servers as well.

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Server rag 927 pve login lock

I had dinos out and the next minute I couldn't log in for over a day and a half as log in lock. Finally get back on and all my imprints have already been missed and was about to get my 1st lot of imprinted gigas worked hard on the event and now no 100% imprinted giga any chance of a roll back to save before it went down with the log in lock?

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All xbox OC servers say this right now. Been 3 hours now, everyone locked out. My tribe wasn't duping, we were gearing up to tame. Key word "were". 

I'm not coming back again. My friends pleaded with me to come back but I just can't take this lack of communication bull all over again. There's better games with better systems out there that handle weekend issues. I'm not feeling well a week into my self quarantine, I don't need this game causing more stress.

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Login Lock?

“Connection Failure. 
Waiting on Login Lock. Try again in a few minutes!”

Well, it’s been about 4 hours since I got the first few alerts when I tried joining a new server. I just tried again and of course, the alert is still there and I’m not sure what to do. I’ve never seen a login lock ever and it’s been almost a whole year since I’ve been playing. I have been switching different servers trying to find the right one for me and never came across this issue. I was on Na-Rag339 and I went to transfer onto Na-Rag181 and I’ve been sitting in my chair bored since ? I have about 10 tames sitting in transfer that I have to take out by the afternoon tomorrow. I spent days taming and honestly I’ll be extremely agitated if I can’t get on the server I transferred to. I’ve been raided and wiped constantly and I’ve finally been able to tame without them being killed a few hours later. I already ditched all of my items and 4 bases, soooo. I’d like to at least be able to take out the tames before the time runs out. This is also my highest leveled survivor. Is it a bug or??? 

Anybody else having issues, or is my bad luck just biting me in the ass?

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