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52 minutes ago, xXCline69Xx said:

Still login locked after 3 HOURS.... let's define a few minutes shall we 3-20 minutes would be a few minutes. It's been down for hours. I had cryo pod dinos on me at scar not to mention my max level ice wyvern and my two rex eggs that are due to hatch in 10 mins. I want all my stuff back. I want them back exactly I dont want to turd dino I want the 2 dinos out of my 417 rex and my friends 345 unleveled rex I want my cryo prodded 300 unleveled adolescent rex I want my tek armor back that was ascendant along with my ascendant tools which includes my hatch pick scythe and sword. Hours has been destroyed thank to you idiots what game closes out the severs in a blink with no warning on a survival game.... my gamer tag on xbox is xXCLINE69Xx and if you dont message me in regards to my stuff then my 30 person tribe that I own will be over I'll kick everyone and delete the game. I do not appreciate this wild card. I had bps on my dragon which is probably dead now and even if you roll back the sever I'll still lose my stuff because I cant wait all day till the game comes back up so I dont lose everything. I have a life and a job.. 

I fe your pain, I too have probably lost a lot too. However, overreacting on a videogame and saying "I have a life" in the same sentence is quite contrary ?

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22 minutes ago, FELEX said:

SWEET! If this crap keeps up much longer we'll lose the first rockdrakes my tribemate and I ever owned.

Also my juvi spino is probably dead already...

Same, I hatched my first drock drakes yesterday and today this poop hits. not going to talk about my baby spinos it's been down for too long already and noone from WC even said hi.

Their support is laughable at best, not even going to start talking about how it feels to be a WC lab rat for broken mechanics too...

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Well Rag server have a black hole , over by green Ob , I hit it yesterday, made my motorboat fly for 5 min then it just exploded , lost my boat , gear , tames , lost it all , it’s a problem that has been reported a lot , it’s a glitch or messed up mesh , that area is corrupted asf, that’s probably what’s being repaired 

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