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"Waiting on Login Lock"

Went over to an Aberration server to build some more on my base and tried going back to my regular island server and got "Waiting on Login Lock" in a pop up, then it said connection failed. I figure either WC broke something or the server is locked so the admins can look at something there? Anyone got any clues for me? 

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Sorry for the late notice but we are aware and there is a team that is actively looking into it.  I'll let you know when I have an ETA.

It's lazy. "Hey some people drink and drive. Now everyone has to install a breathalyzer in their car and blow for 15 minutes. Then wait an additional 5 minutes to start the vehicle." Good with bad. Ge

Rollbacks delete characters. They gave 2x breeding so people can re-breed, they appologized, they made an effort. Complaining about it after the fact does nothing but make them want to ignore the comm

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Rag375 log in lock..... gonna lose half our rex fleet we currently raising not to mention even more loss of event resource gathering time.. if you don't want people to play your game and enjoy it then do please stop encouraging people to spend even more money on an unplayable game

We can't make full use of events

We cannot get artifacts from caves for boss fights

We cannot raise babies or do imprints

It takes far too long to transfer anything

Dashing back online when you've died to retrieve armour/save tame is now impossible


This game, sadly, is fast becoming totally unplayable


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