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Please Help Fix Ark

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Please Help Fix Ark


I'm a xbox offical player and my tribe has recently got wiped by people that meshed and were using duped stuff on top of that we trying to fight with liget pvp against them and they went having it.

In my opinion I think ark should roll the severs back to before turkey triales even started because then they can narrow down who has sent a ticket in and analyze that thicket and be ready for when it happens.  Also it was not good that there could be more than one dodorexes at a time. 

Now if your are on xbox and you mesh(99(ENDGAME+WU-TANG) you should stop before you destroy the good name this game had made for itself.  On the other hand dev wiping people that were duping was a good thing but you missed a few and you missed the ones that also mesh as well.

So I hope that some people read this and something gets fixed.

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