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Single Player Artifacts


I have a question regarding the Artifact of the Skylord.

I am collecting all the artifacts in SP on The Island. I have collected just about all of them and I come across the North West Cave which has the Artifact of the Skylord. I like going through it without the help of Youtube or any forums, but the artifact did not spawn. I looked up online the exact location where it spawns in the cave and even waited about 30mins to see if it will spawn and still nothing. I. have read online about issue regarding the Artifact of the Skylord not spawning in, but they date back about two years ago.

I am wondering if this bug has been fixed? Has any single player playing Ark on the PS4 collected the Artifact of the Skylord or do I have to spawn it in? I wouldn't want to spawn it in because I feel like it kills the whole role playing aspect of this game. Any suggestions or should I just spawn it in?

Thank you in advance! 

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On 12/7/2019 at 5:59 AM, tbfrnritunbv6 said:

But don't spawn in the Artifact, but the Artifact Container, if you want to get the achievement.

I had a similar issue with it not spawning, but then it did spawn a second time I entered. Leave the area (not just the cave, but literally go away a long distance) maybe and come back?

I have collected all the artifacts from the actual Artifact Container except to Artifact of the Skylord. I do want to receive the achievement, what's the code to spawn it in? and also do I have to spawn it in the actual spot it would originally be in? 

I will also try going back to the location and doing what you have said. I've read on multiple different posts that on single player the artifact in this cave does not spawn.

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