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Have a group of friends (Tribe of 6-10) that have played many hours on Ark, good group of guys that I know all of them in real life, so no nonsense. We have been one of the largest tribes on a server before.

Right now we are playing on a private server as none of them really want to go through the grind of looking for a server. Just curious if there are any alpha tribes out there that would be interested in helping out a new tribe get started on their server. Obviously we would do what we can to help protect server against cross raiders, and will help tame / raise anything that would be helpful in trading between tribes.

We have no interest in becoming an alpha tribe of a server, but just would like to ally up with a strong tribe that we can help out. We have played on each map, only one we have zero interest in playing is Aberration. 

Thanks for taking time to read! and just let me know if you have any interest in joining your server.

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