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Rockwell boss

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Official? Unofficial? Singleplayer? Cross-server transfers allowed? Do you mind mods or custom level caps? Y'all gotta be a bit more specific.:)

I just beat Rockwell, but I have plenty of kit left over. If you can transfer to other servers and don't mind downloading mods and a raised level cap (plus a couple of other personal rules of course), I may consider hosting my singleplayer in non-dedicated at some point in the future so y'all can get the fight done if you'd like.:) Despite the mods, the dinos and items that'd be used for the fight itself are pretty much completely vanilla, if you care about that.

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We just completed alpha Rockwell before the weekend - PvE unofficial.  I personally love doing the rockwell boss.  We do it running around on the shoulders of apes wielding shotguns to take down the tentacles whilst our unridden Reaper Kings tank what they can for us.

Quite a bit of setup to do again unless we spawned in the tributes though as used the ones we already collected on Friday evening.

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You can do Rockwell pretty easily SOLO on Official. You don't really need to go in a group for this. This is my SOLO run

Official Difficulty . SOLO GAMMA Rockwell .  With ONLY 1 Rock Drake + Shotgun
Dated: May 2020

- DMG 273% Shotgun, 100% Assault Rifle;  
- ARMOR: 200-350 Flak Armor (4 sets color coded);  
- 58 Armor Journeyman Rock Drake Saddle; 
- Featherlight for max charge range with Ascendant Helmet 

Time taken: 22 mins approx

This is kind of a tutorial video for Gamma & a training for Beta(for me at-least). ??

Hope you guys Learn & Enjoy from the video ...

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