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pve El Dorado - Closed - Will reopen in March/April as a Genesis Server

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El Dorado - A Dungeon Crawling PVE Server

Have you ever watched a PvP raid video on Youtube and thought "That looks like fun, but I can't stand the thought of logging in one day to see all of my progress gone."  Well now you can experience what it's like to raid a base without having to worry about your own being attacked.  The premise is that everyone is at Tribe War with the admin tribe (me).  I won't attack anyone, but I've set up bases ranging in size and security that players can raid for epic loot; from hidden forest towers to giant snow castles.  The creatures that are not normally available on Valguero will be available in lootable cryopods.  We also have a community center (shown) with vaults, fridges, and work benches that are free to use.  Starter packs are a choice between starter gear/pterra and dungeon hints/pin codes.

Harvest: X2
Harvest Health: X2
Exp: X2
Taming: X2
Wild Dino Hunger: X2
Day/Night Cycle: 1/4
Difficulty: 1
Player Stats: X1
Dino Stats: X1
Crosshairs: Disabled
Player Position on Map: No
Breeding/Maturation/Cuddle: X2
Corpse Locator: On

Join the discord for info on how to join!

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