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Genesis Breeding

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On 12/4/2019 at 8:45 AM, VeeTea said:

Looking at other creatures, the ferox is a shoulder pet of which most shoulder pets and (looks like) mammals can breed. The bloodstalker looks like it'd be an insect of some kind and most of those can't breed in ark. My opinion, but I think the ferox will be able to breed but the bloodstalker won't.

Exactly how you said it! I believe this as well!

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I completely forgot about breeding, that's another really exciting thing I look forward too. I hope we can breed those blood stalkers too, but that seems like it could turn into a pretty broken creature like the Mana really quickly. Tbh i'm sort of on the fence about being able to breed that. I'd be worried about it being so OP it could travel into your base at high speeds with C4 on it. The Ferox would worried me too if it was able to breed. There would be some really cool possibilities of the types of builds those 2 creatures could have though. 


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On 12/7/2019 at 10:23 PM, RidersOfNightmareDEJW said:

I think the big turtle will be like titans from extinction/ titanosaur.... Tame for 24h and can be only 1 on the map.. May I be wrong!

Aw, now that you mention it you're probably right. That would make me really sad. I was very excited about having a mobile base. I guess we'll have to see. XD

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3 hours ago, Lycan187u said:

yes and it sounds glorious!!!!I cant wait for the tears these turtles will bring ;)

i think the turtle is gonna be the least problem, people transforming their ferox and then dismounting people or the magmasaurs artillery attack ( the molten lava ball, that probably will destroy metal) sound like things that will make a lot of people rage lol

Also lets not forget the space whale that can warp not only itself but a group of dinos with it, while having a bomb dropping rider on it with an additional 3 mountable gunner turrets hahaha

I can't wait to see that battleship of a tame in action ( ok, to be fair the whale itself doesn't have a lot of attacks, but still)

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