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Changes to Imprint Timers


With the new balance changes coming and considering past quality of life changes, I'm wondering if we can get changes to the imprinting timers. 

I enjoy breeding. However, it is not feasible to reach 100% imprint on something while working a full time job, as I'm sure a lot of us Ark players have. Having to imprint every 8 hours is very out of reach unless using cryopods, but doing so only increases the time on an already tedious process.

Changing imprints to once every 24 hours for example, would be A LOT less stress inducing and would allow us breeders to better manage our schedules around our imprints. It would be a huge quality of life change and make the maturation process much easier for us.

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45 minutes ago, arayortiz said:

I'm aware. 8 hours is still horrible to manage.

Well if they increase imprint timers by 3x (8 to 24 hours), shouldn't they also increase growth timers by 3x.


For PvE, WC really should enable the anyone can imprint settings to encourage tribes.  Now only the original imprint gets the bonus, but others can help. I don't PvP, so I have no valid opinion on it this would be balanced for PvP.

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