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pvp New Unofficial Server - Name = "Vega Ark Server - PVX (Max Buffs)"

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New Unofficial Server - Name = "Vega Ark Server - PVX (Max Buffs)"

 Hello everyone,

I just recently started a new server and I am the admin. I will not abuse my power and will be fair. I actually decided to host my own server after being destroyed by Alphas tribes on official servers with bugged dinos over lvl 300+ and constantly raided my base.


I can assure you this will not happen on my server I am very fair and encourage new players to build hence why this is a pvx server. All tames on dinos will be vanilla with no exploits. I encourage fair play the way the game was meant to be played. The server slots are set to 8 players but I am willing to upgrade the slots to a higher amount when I start getting more regulars. Please feel free to ask any questions and if you have any requests.

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