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pvp, Ark Genesis Cluster X

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Ark Genesis Cluster X

We started this server on Genesis Cluster Ragnarok with the aim to balance teams and keep a friendly PVP zone our goal is to play as fair as possible and to ensure that no one is bullied at the same time, anyone may join our servers,

Note: Below is a few stats that are increased/decreased when any stats are changed a notification will 1st be sent out to all Genesis players

  • Taming Speed Multiplier 
  • Harvesting Multiplier
  • Dino Count Multiplier
  • Platform Saddle Modifier
  • Dino harvesting damage multiplier
  • Egg Hatch Speed Multiplier
  • Mating Multiplier
  • Oxygen Swim Speed Stat Multiplier
  • Baby Mature Speed Multiplier
  • Baby Cuddle Interval Multiplier
  • Baby Imprinting Stat Scale Multiplier
  • Baby Food Consumption Speed Multiplier
  • Number of Turrets
  • Max number of players in tribe
  • Per Level Stats Multiplier
  • Custom Dino Spawns 

We have a Xbox Club @ Ark Genesis Cluster X and a discord club @ https://discord.gg/qWrkHpv any one may join please note to be a memeber or stay on these clubs a vetting process needs to be followed further info is on the discord channel.

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