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Starting on Aberration

Hi everyone,

Me and my tribemates have been trying to start on aberration. We have a base on The island that is running pretty smoothly but starting on aberration has been a bit of a pain.

In the past 3 weeks or more we have build a stone house that is a bit small but can do for now, we have 2 ravagers one male and the other female and we have access to some iron.

The problem is that we don't really know what to do now. We want to breed the ravagers but that takes to long to fit in our time schedule so the only chance at keeping the baby alive is on the weekends. I also tried exploring the blue zone a bit, but got wrecked by the nameless that killed my lvl 130 ravager in less than 1 minute.

Does anyone have tips? I love the dino's on aberration so I'm not planning on giving up soon. And btw we play on a ps4 official server 

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When I came back to ark I started alone in aberration. Try to establish a base in green zone. Tame some bulbdogs and some ravager. Then go for paracer to put a catapult on top so you can tame Karkinos. Then use either karkinos or ravager to tame spino.

Imho you can omit megalosaur and other dinos.

If you need metal there are good resources in the surface entrances which are safe once you have a lightpet and hazmat.

Next is grabbing drake egg. If you are a tribe with some members it shouldnt be hard to do a trip to the nests using spinos and karkis to get some eggs. This is the most challenging part of abe in my opinion. Once you raise the first drake it is very easy to keep getting more eggs. If you can have someone giving away an egg, even if its low level you can shortcut this by a lot.

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Two things will help a LOT: First and easiest: Tame a spino. Also stand around plant z plants (every minute they drop 1 seed) and use those to tame a few throwaway bulbdogs. 

If you can manage it, make a karkinos trap (use catapault) and get one. Super handy for taming and travel. Carries tames, carries wild (grab a light pet, walk off its back down its arm and tame it while in claws) or grab say... anky and push it ((WITH LEFT CLAW)) into a closed trap. Knock it out and as it goes unconcious it will fall out of claws for an easy tame

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Karl and doed,  doed auto harvests stone till it’s half full.

for metal,  kark and anky,  rider on anky and kark rider tosses anky around once it’s too heavy .  You can get 300 stacks of raw metal that way fast.

Megas are great but takes awhile to find great stats on your own.  They can be avoided.  A spino can do everything almost that u would do with a mega there.

if you are on pvp,  I would suggest getting the hazmat suits ASAP and get some purlovas in the red zone.

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