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10 man Servers Classic


10 man Servers Classic

I think keeping it simple is key with seasonal play so a yearly wipe for server health.  I think maps (Island, Center and Scorched). Bring classic pvp back. No Griffins, No Titans from extinction and nothing from the new maps    Simple Tek gear such as saddles, turrets , tek feeding troughs, tek force fields transmitter, and replicator. I think industrial forges and chem benches are a must as well.  I think cyro fridges are ok but maybe having a cast time to release Dino would be advantages to pvp. Normal Tek boss items from these maps. I think a tribe limit of 10 will work great with a  2-3 day timer after kick before a new member can join to stop people rotating members threw to keep their base fully defended at all times like normal offical. Also I think Oce servers would be a must as even on 6 man it’s hard to defend on larger maps like center/rag for  anyone in Oce area. I can continue on but I think this will give you an idea of the classic pvp that we miss. 

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